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Discusion about JaSiLDBG - javascript inLine Debugger
« en: 21 Noviembre 2006, 00:38 am »

javascript inLine Debugger is a tool, which every user can use, independently from the browser you use. This tool allows us to execute javascript on top of a website without the need of either refreshing, using a proxy, neither saving it.

This tool isn’t something new, but its not well known, not commentated much and very powerful, the objective of this job is get to know its capabilities, and demonstrate the easy use of it.

To be able to use this tool, it’s necessary to have very basic knowledge of Object Oriented Programming (OOP) and to know a little bit about the HTML W3C standard.

A few characteristics about this debugger are:
·   No need of installation, just a keyboard and to know javascript.
·   Capability of modifying cookies.
·   Capability of modifying forms values, visibles and hidden, disable maxLength and allow editing.
·   Capability of disabling scripts that don’t allow viewing the source code or selecting text.
·   Capability of showing source code of encrypted or hidden functions.
·   Capability of modifying variables and functions, as well as to show the properties of these.
·   Capability to emulate events and establish / to modify presents.
·   Capability of modifying the source code of the website, or just a section of it.
The way of doing this is by using the javascript: protocol available in:
·   Internet Explorer
·   Mozilla Firefox
·   Opera
·   Others...
In order to know if your browser supports this method, write in your address bar:
javascript:alert("Hello World");
If you see a message saying “Hello World”, your browser is compatible.

The protocols which you can use with JaSiLDBG are:
·   javascript:
·   vbscript: (Syntax is different)
·   jscript: (Very unstable, don’t try it.)
To control errors, in firefox, use javascript Console (under tools).

The last version of JaSiLDBG can be found at:

En línea

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