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Título: paso de valores de clase a form
Publicado por: ^kazike^ en 10 Marzo 2008, 11:04 am
Hola: resulta que tengo el siguiente código, lo que hago es lanzar un form para que el usuario meta valores y luego pasarselos al .class pero no se porque no me coge el string.
El codigo del .class es el siguiente:
'These members represent the main TestType object properties.

Public RemoteAgentCLSID As String ' Run Remote Agent Class ID

Public ScriptViewerCLSID As String ' ActiveX script viewer Class ID

Public TestingToolName As String ' Remote Agent name

Public ExecConfigCLSID As String ' Configuration Class ID

Public CanCreateScriptTemplate As Long ' Flag

Public LastErrorMessage As String ' Most common error message

Public ResultViewerCLSID As String ' ActiveX result viewer Class ID

Private td As TDConnection

Dim f As New Form1

Private Sub Class_Initialize()

'This sub-routine is run when the TestType is loaded.

'Note that at this time, none of the optional controls is

' supported, as their class ID strings are empty.

'Also note that the remote agent class ID is empty,

' as no such agent yet exists.

'This example does not support script templates,

' and has only one error type.


    ExecConfigCLSID = "" ' No configuration utility provided

    RemoteAgentCLSID = "{78888EDF-6BCB-4477-AB18-9DA7D483CC52}"

    ScriptViewerCLSID = "{472B9CAC-C738-43BE-A0A7-EB6AB1B8BDEA}"

    TestingToolName = "Script"

    CanCreateScriptTemplate = 1 ' create new test feature turned on

    LastErrorMessage = "" ' Testing issues

    ResultViewerCLSID = "" ' No result viewer ActiveX provided

    LoadPicture ""
    nPath = "empty"
    closing = False

End Sub

Public Sub Init(mytd As Variant)

    ' You may need a TDConnection to use OTA functions in your application.

    ' If you do, add a project reference to the OTA:

    ' In Projects > References, check the "OTA COM 8.0 Type Library."

    ' and declare a module-level variable: Private td As TDConnection

    Set td = mytd 'Get the td object to be used if needed

End Sub

Public Function CreateScriptTemplate(TestKey As Long, _
        ByRef LocalPath As String) As Long
    ' Create test script template

    ' this example

    Dim myf As String
    Dim path As String
    'The form is loaded
    path = f.getpath
    If closing = True Then
     Unload Form1
    End If
    LocalPath = "c:\temp"
    myf = "C:\temp\batch.bat"

    Open myf For Output As #1

    Print #1, "cd \ " & vbCrLf & path & vbCrLf & "pause"
    Print #1, "La ruta es " & path
    Print #1, "La ruta es " & nPath
    Close #1
    CreateScriptTemplate = 1

End Function

Private Sub Form_Unload(Cancel As Integer)

   'on closing the form set the object f to point to nothing

    Set f = Nothing

End Sub

Public Function GetBitmap(Status As Long) As Long

      GetBitmap = 0 'no bitmap

   End Function

Tengo tambien un archivo .bas:
Option Explicit

'global variable which stores the item

Public nPath As String

Public closing As Boolean

Y el codigo del form:

Option Explicit
Dim pathDef As String

'This method show the form
Public Sub Execute()
End Sub

Private Sub Command1_Click()
    Dim path As String
    'If Option1 button is selected
    If Option1.Value = True Then
      'Dialog box to interact with the user and get the data
        path = InputBox("Enter the path where Nunit is installed:", "Path needed")
       Loop Until path <> ""
       pathDef = path
       MsgBox "Has introducido " & pathDef
       nPath = pathDef
       MsgBox "Has introducido " & nPath
       Command2.Enabled = True
    End If
    'If Option2 is selected
    If Option2.Value = True Then
       'Dialog box to interact with the user and get the data
        path = InputBox("Enter the path where you have your tests located:", "Path needed")
       Loop Until path <> ""
       pathDef = path
       Command2.Enabled = True
    End If
End Sub

Public Function getpath() As String

   'function that gets the item selected in the drop-down box

   nPath = pathDef

End Function

Private Sub Command2_Click()

    closing = True

End Sub

Cuando lanzo el cuadro de dialogo en el form, la variable contiene el string, pero no se porque razon no crea el archivo de texto.
Luego tambien me gustaria saber como se podria hacer para que cuando el form sea lanzado el otro programa quede inactivo hasta terminar la ejecucion del form
Gracias y Saludos