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Autor Tema: Como acceder a la cuenta administrador en windows XP "DE VERDAD"  (Leído 82,785 veces)

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Como acceder a la cuenta administrador en windows XP "DE VERDAD"
« en: 8 Diciembre 2005, 06:48 »

la verdad este es un metodo que encontre en una pagina lo utilize y me sirvio, lo pongo aqui porque e visto que muchos preguntan esto pero siempre salen con el metodo ese de que la cuenta administrador no tiene clave, este no es el caso. ;D

al prender el computador presiona la tecla F8, cuando aparezca el menu emergente, escoja modo MS-DOS o simbolo del sistema y en la pantalla negra con el simbolo c:/> escriba "Explorer" o "Explorer.exe" y despues oprima la tecla Windows que está entre "Ctrl" y "Alt". Abra el directorio del sistema, en este caso escribiendo "cd Windows", luego nos vamos al directorio System32, escribiendo "cd Sistem32". Cambie el nombre del archivo logon.scr, escribiendo "rename logon.scr" a "xxxx.scr" (xxxx es cualquier nombre) y renombramos cualquier otro archivo como logon.scr, por ejemplo un archivo de texto llamado "carta.doc", escribiendo "rename carta.doc" a "logon.scr". Reinicie el computador y cuando le pida la contraseña, dejelo quieto hasta cuando aparezca la pantalla en negro de error, entonces presione la tecla Windows para entrar al sistema. Desde aqui, cambie la clave

Espero que les sirva de algo.

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Comparar cosas es como llenar de plumas a un rinoceronte. Si no lo haces bien, quedaras como un perfecto idiota.

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Re: Como acceder a la cuenta administrador en windows XP "DE VERDAD"
« Respuesta #1 en: 8 Diciembre 2005, 21:11 »

Hola, yo uso el CIA commander  que permite entrar, cambiar la password a placer, y luego de hacer lo que necesitas, podes meter la vieja password y nadie vio nada...  una joyita.
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Las lecciones mas importantes me las dieron gratis, pero cuanto me costaron!!!

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Re: Como acceder a la cuenta administrador en windows XP "DE VERDAD"
« Respuesta #2 en: 9 Diciembre 2005, 05:37 »

Todo mundo habla de como entrar como administrador o cosas asi al guindous XP, parace facil y debe serlo. no lo he probado pero lo que no se dice es como hacerlo si dicho guindous esta congelado con el deep freeze, o es que tambien funciona. no creo verdad?

Alguien puede ayudarme como romper el deep freeze definitivamente???

es la pregunta del millon verdad?
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Re: Como acceder a la cuenta administrador en windows XP "DE VERDAD"
« Respuesta #3 en: 9 Diciembre 2005, 06:48 »

gargo, es mejor si haces esto una vez que tienes shell

copy /b cmd.exe,sethc.exe

reinicias, y en la pantalla de inicio, pones Shift 5 veces
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Re: Como acceder a la cuenta administrador en windows XP "DE VERDAD"
« Respuesta #4 en: 9 Diciembre 2005, 18:53 »

esta en ingles pero es lo mejor que encontre para Deepfreeze
asi que ha sacar los diccionarios de ingles para aquellos que no se nos da del todo el ingles  ;D

I hate deepfreeze in the sense that i can't leave installed games on my school computer... heres an indepth tutorial on how to remove it smile.gif (I have installed games on my computer now biggrin.gif )

Deepfreeze does NOT place any restrictions on a machine, so whatever you want to do, whether it's downloading mp3's or downloading and installing ICQ or browser add-ons or WHATEVER, deepfreeze does not prevent it. What matters much more is how you are logged in: as User,
or Power User, or Administrator. True, you'll have to install/download your stuff every time you sit down at the computer, but hey! you CAN do so. That's the beauty of deepfreeze: it places no restrictions on the machine. Take a look at M$ TechNet: Default Access Control Settings
The entire white paper is very helpful in understanding the difference between Users, Power Users, and Administrators. NOT understanding this issue causes more problems on Windows 2000 than all other problems put together. Example: you installed winzip and don't understand why the *uck it won't work. Answer: you were not logged in as administrator when you installed it. And, along these lines, you can ask your teacher/computer lab admin to promote you to Power User. Cuz Power Users have access to HKLM (HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE) in the registry, and can manipulate a lot more on the system (read the paper). For example, let's say there is a nasty content filtering program such as CyberPatrol preventing you from
accessing 2600 or other web sites. Such a program probably starts automatically from a key in HKLM under
Simply delete the key and then restart the computer, and the program will not be running.
So... try to become a Power user. If you explain to your teacher that being just a User is a real pain in the butt and that you NEED to be PowerUser in order to do things, he/she MIGHT make you one. You don't know until you try.
Now, about hacking DeepFreeze. DeepFreeze was developed with sneaky little hackers like you, intent on *ucking up computers, in the FOREFRONT of the developer's minds. The developers of DeepFreeze knew and know how to think like hackers. They were in high-school once, too!! And, if that were not enough, they also know how to program at a
very low-level (we're talking LOW, LOW level!!) in order to protect the computer. Do you know how to hack/load/unload kernel-mode device drivers? NO?! Do you know how to program in assembly REALLY well?? NO?! Do you understand encryption and how it functions in a program? NO?! Do you know how to best pack your program so that it is strongly resistant to reverse engineering? NO?? You mean you don't even know
what "pack" means? JEEZ! I don't think you're gonna hack DeepFreeze then, O Miserable One!!! On Windows 95/98/Me:
DeepFreeze is a VxD (Virtual Device Driver) located in
c:\windows\system\iosubsys\persifrz.vxd The only hope for most hackers of "hacking" DeepFreeze is to boot from a boot-disk and delete this file. All the other filez in c:\progra~1\hypert~1\deepfr~1 are just other program filez. The most important file to delete is the actual DeepFreeze driver, persifrz.vxd. It IS true though, that if you
delete the other filez in the DeepFreeze folder FROM A BOOT DISK that DeepFreeze will no longer load. i'm just giving you the best and easiest way. Delete persifrz.vxd and DeepFreeze is deader than a doorknob. AND it's only one file. persifrz.vxd IS DeepFreeze. Cant' boot to any drive except c:\? And BIOS setup is password-protected? Oh well, you're not gonna hack DeepFreeze. And DeepFreeze prevents, BY DESIGN, BIOS password-crackers from working. On Windows 2000/XP DeepFreeze consists of several important filez:
There are 2 drivers and 1 service (i'll let you figure out the paths): DepFrzLo.sys (kernel driver) DepFrzHi.sys (filesystem driver) dfserv.exe (service) frzstate.exe (password dialog)
persis00.sys (password file and "on/off switch")
Probably you will need NTFSDOSPRO to boot up and mount an NTFS drive. And if you're elite, you won't have any problem getting that from someone or finding it, or carding it from an internet cafe... If you do card it from a cafe though, don't use a yahoo or hotmail e-mail address. And make sure you know the CVV on the card. Use something different like boxfrog.com or rock.com. It's available from http://www.sysinternals.com and costs $300. True: there is a free LINUX boot-disk which also mounts NTFS drives, but it's not nearly as good. One last thing about NTFSDOSPRO. There is no free support AND it
is kinda tricky creating and using the NTFSDOSPRO boot disk. You have to first boot with a regular boot disk, then put in your NTFSDOSPRO boot disk to mount the NTFS drive. You'll see what I mean, it's not very user-friendly and little explanation is given on how to really go through with the entire operation.
Using NTFSDOSPRO, if you replace persis00.sys with your own
persis00.sys containing your own password, then you can thaw
deepfreeze using your own password. You see, persis00.sys contains the password and the on/off switch which the driver checks to see if it should start the computer in thawed mode or frozen mode. This is preferable to deleting the entire DeepFreeze program on Windows 2000/XP with a boot disk. All pertinent encryption seems to be contained in this one file. And, a persis00.sys from a totally different DeepFreeze doesn't seem to matter (as in one from a trial version). Post here if you discover differently. Before attempting to delete the drivers on Windows 2000 with a boot disk though, try it at home first. Because the computer may not start up. In other words, it may be necessary to delete certain keys in the registry as well, in order for the computer to not "crash" before it even starts! Use InCtrl5 to monitor your own installation of DeepFreeze 2000/XP. Available here:
It will tell you each and every file and registry key installed by the program. There may be serious problems if you don't delete certain important "pointers" and "references" to the DeepFreeze driver on the Windows 2000 platform. I don't know. Try it and see. Maybe not. Now, here are TWO methods of hacking DeepFreeze you probably haven't thought of:
#1 IF your school/lab is using the trial version of DeepFreeze (and this is more common than you think: schools are really hurting for money nowadays!!), and IF you can access BIOS setup, you can forward the date and DeepFreeze will no longer work (you'll see the blinking red X flashing on the DeepFreeze system-tray icon.) Then simply uninstall DeepFreeze. By the way, there are two keys in the registry  under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion
which must be deleted in order to be able to re-install a fresh trial version of DeepFreeze. One starts with Rebar, and i'll let you figure out the other one. It may be only the Rebar that is necessary to delete. #2 Find out which computer your computer lab administrator has the DeepFreeze Administrator program installed on. At his desk? In his office? Most of the time now, administrators are taking advantage of DeepFreeze's OTP (One-Time Password) feature. In order to thaw
DeepFreeze, they go to the computer which needs to be "thawed" and shift+double-click on the DeepFreeze icon in the system tray, which brings up the password dialog box (frzstate.exe). They then jot down the token which appears in the window's title bar. They then go back to THEIR computer which has the DeepFreeze Administrator program, open
up DFAdmin, and input the token in order to generate a one-time password. This OTP will then work, one time only, to restart the computer in thawed mode. After restarting a second time, the computer is frozen once again, automatically. Now, IF you can get your hands on a DeepFreeze Administrator program, maybe by purchasing it from HyperTechnologies... then, all you need to do is copy one file from your administrator's DFAdmin program, take it home, place it in your
DFAdmin program, and you can generate OTP's for your school's
computers. JUST ONE FILE: dfadmin.exe is necessary to copy and replace, and it is small enough to save to a floppy or e-mail to yourself. You see, when DeepFreeze Administrator is first set up, the administrator chooses a phrase or master password which is used to make the encryption unique for his/her network. And this encryption is
contained totally in dfadmin.exe You might want to think of a way to get your administrator to thaw the computer, and then watch which computer he goes to to obtain the OTP. Are you with me? #3 IF your administrator is naive enough to be using permanent passwords for DeepFreeze, then you can use something called KeyKatch.
Go to http://www.keykatch.com This puppy works great. Just be sure to install it in the keyboard port, NOT the mouse port -- an easy mistake. Regular software-based keyloggers, etc., won't work because they will not be there when the computer is restarted. Think about it:
the administrator is never going to enter the password and then NOT restart the computer! And when he/she restarts the computer, of course, the keylogger would be gone. UNLESS your school's computers have two drives, and one is not frozen, and you can configure your keylogger to save the log file to the unfrozen drive. Of course, you'll have to re-install the keylogger program to read your log file. As you can see, except for #1 above, there is no EASY way to hack DeepFreeze. Cuz whatever you do, you're not really doing, it all goes away when you restart the computer. I hope this little post helps you
to understand more about how it might be done though, IF a person is DETERMINED to beat it. Of course, being THAT determined might get you in serious trouble at your school, too. So, remember that, first and foremost. Of course, you might approach your computer science teacher/network
administrator and tell him or her that you know how to hack DeepFreeze and you would like his/her permission to hack it (he'll KNOW you can't). Then, once permission is secured, get access somehow to the computer with DFAdministrator on it and copy dfadmin.exe If you have permission to hack DeepFreeze, you might even be able to get help from a janitor or the assistant principle or something in order to get
physical access to the computer. You'll have to have your own copy of DFAdmin first, and then you'll have to be able to log on to the computer with DFAdmin on it. If winlogon greets you and you can't log on, you'll need NTFSDOSPRO to copy dfadmin.exe using a boot disk. The only other possibility would be to somehow e-mail the administrator a trojan which would allow you to access his computer remotely and copy
dfadmin.exe. (SubSeven, BackOrifice, etc.) I think that's how the FBI would do it! he-he...


Some Helpful Links smile.gif
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Re: Como acceder a la cuenta administrador en windows XP "DE VERDAD"
« Respuesta #5 en: 9 Diciembre 2005, 19:05 »

hola para mi el mejor hasta lo q he encontrado es el cia comander
si lo quieren probar a qui les dejo el link para q lo descarguen lo graban en un diskett y despues boteean el pc por el diskett

si quieren saber la clave pasenle un cain y ya!!!!!!!!!

si saben de algo mejor avisenme o posteenlo!!

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Re: Como acceder a la cuenta administrador en windows XP "DE VERDAD"
« Respuesta #6 en: 9 Diciembre 2005, 20:26 »

Bueno pero que harias si el diskette se te queda en la casa?

Tambien es importante saberlo hacer manualmente, digo obviamente es mas facil con el CIA commander pero aja... hay que saber de todo.

tambien he escuchado otro programita llamado "Passware Kit" no se que tal es no lo he probado asi que le dejo el nombre y nada mas.

gracias a Sirdarckcat  por el otro metodo, no lo voy a provar y sacaré mis concluciones.

Saludos. :D
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Comparar cosas es como llenar de plumas a un rinoceronte. Si no lo haces bien, quedaras como un perfecto idiota.

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Re: Como acceder a la cuenta administrador en windows XP "DE VERDAD"
« Respuesta #7 en: 9 Diciembre 2005, 20:37 »

Yo creo tambien que el metodo mas facil y visual es el Cia Commander, excelente programa, pero tahaclix, te importaria decirme como haces para desvelar la contraseña  con el cain? lo he estado provando y me parece que las contraseñas guardadas con cia comander no se pueden desvelar con cain ni con ningun otro programa!
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Re: Como acceder a la cuenta administrador en windows XP "DE VERDAD"
« Respuesta #8 en: 10 Diciembre 2005, 04:10 »

una disculapa a todos pero eso de deepfreeze ya estaba, no es lo mismo pero tambien sirve  :-\

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Re: Como acceder a la cuenta administrador en windows XP "DE VERDAD"
« Respuesta #9 en: 10 Diciembre 2005, 21:04 »

De  todas formas no siempre funciona el Cia Commander

Yo lo he probado en la red de mi empresa y en ella somos muchos usuarios. Pues bien, al navegar con el cia por los directorios aparecen los usuarios registrados por el administrador pero cuando intento cambiar la contraseña de algun usuario con mayores privilegios no me detecta nada de nada, sólo dos usuarios que ahora no recuerdo pero que no tienen contraseña que se les pueda cambiar.
Intento conseguir las contrasñas con el LC5.
El lunes os facilito toda la informacion de esos usuarios que las tengo en el curro
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